Mainard & Sanders Heating & Air was founded in 1965 when Lyndon Johnson was still President of the United States, The Beatles were still turning out hit albums, an American dollar was worth almost 6.75 times what it is worth today & people still did business face-to-face with a smile and a handshake.

At Mainard & Sanders, we feel that maintaining traditional values from the past is essential for a business to succeed in the future. How many times have you called a service related company for repairs, only to be put on-hold for a seemingly indefinite period of time, while being subjected to listening to a never-ending recording of how important your call is to their business? Sometimes action, (or the lack of) speaks much louder than words ever could. When you call us at (405) 636-1983, our phone is always answered by a “real” person, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We realize that equipment breakdowns don’t always occur within our normal business hours or during pleasant weather conditions. We are always a phone call away & ready to respond to any emergency heating or air conditioning need.

At Mainard & Sanders, when we say things like: “We value your business”, we say it from the heart. We know the value of a customer & that if we treat each customer with respect & a sense of urgency to respond to their needs, they will be more likely to refer friends, family &/or co-workers to our company.

In addition to being a very service-driven company, at Mainard & Sanders, we believe that offering value to our customers is the other most important component to ensuring that customers will not only think of us whenever they need heating or A/C service again, but are willing to tell others about their positive experience(s) with our company. Offering true value to customers is more than just being fairly priced within your respective market, it means things like:

-Purchasing repair parts & installation equipment at the most competitive prices.

-Keeping as many service parts as possible on-hand to prevent additional fuel/labor costs.

-Charging a standard rate for each service repair, regardless of the time that it takes to complete the repair. Many companies charge hourly rates for service repairs instead of charging for the repair task. If a technician takes more time to complete the repair than normal, you are the person that pays for it. Mainard & Sanders uses a standard (flat) rate system that only allows a certain amount of time for each repair task. This reduces the repair cost to you, our valued customer.

Why wait any longer? Call us today at (405) 636-1983 & schedule a heating or air conditioning diagnostic service call or a FREE installation estimate appointment.